Solar Pump Inverter PPI 2.2KW-11KW

The 3-phase in, 3-phase out solar pump inverter is environmentally friendly with a long lifetime and lower maintenance costs. Built-in MPPT ensures you to get the best output power and optimizes the performance of water pump solar Inverter along the day as it starts and stops automatically based on the intensity of solar radiation.


  • Battery-less design solar pump inverter (run from Solar or AC directly)
  • High PV input volt up to 450V (Voc) for LS model / 800V (Voc) for 3-phase models
  • Available in either single phase (2.2kw) or 3-phase (2.2kw, 7.5kw, and 11kw)
  • Compatible with IEC standard 3-phase asynchronous motor
  • Peak 97% efficiency
  • Built-in MPPT solar charger
  • Supports single phase or three-phase asynchronous motor depending on models
  • Supports single phase AC input when PV energy is not sufficient (only for Aspire 2.2KW LS model)
  • Built-in full protection and self-diagnosis
  • Soft start function prevents water hammer effect and extends system lifecycle
  • Comprehensive LEDs and display screen for real-time system status
  • Remote monitoring through RS-485
  • Optional remote panel available

1. FV input
2. AC output
3. RS485 communication port
4. RS232 communication port
5. Control signals
6. LCD screen
7. LED indicators
8. Operation buttons


MODEL Aspire 2.2KW LS Aspire 2.2KW Aspire 7.5KW Aspire 11KW
RATED OUTPUT POWER 2200W (3HP) 2200W (3HP) 7500W (10HP) 11000W (15HP)
(supports 0.75~3HP (supports 0.75~3HP (supports 3~10HP (supports 10~15HP
water pump) water pump) water pump) water pump)
Nominal DC Voltage /Maximum DC Voltage 320 VDC / 450 VDC 540 VDC / 800 VDC
Start-up Voltage 120 VDC 250 VDC
MPPT Voltage Range 120 VDC ~ 420 VDC 250 VDC ~ 780VDC
Number of MPP Trackers 1
Input Voltage 220/230/240 VAC N/A
(-15% ~ +10%)
Input Frequency 47 Hz ~ 63 Hz
Nominal Voltage 220/230/240 VAC 3 x 380/400/415/440 VAC
Efficiency > 97%
Nominal Output Current 14 A 10:00 a. m. 5.0 A 15 A 22 A
Motor Type Single-phase Three-phase asynchronous motor Three-phase asynchronous motor
Frequency Precision ±0.2%
Full Protection Phase lost, dry pumping, motor locked, weak sunlight, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, surge, overtemperature and short circuit protection
Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 110 x 230 x 342
Net Weight (kgs) 5 5.5 6 6.5
Type of Mechanical Protection IP20
Communication Port RS-232/RS-485
Humidity < 95% RH(Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C at 100% full load, 46°C ~ 60°C power derating


PPI_2KW-11Kw_manual.pdf (1212 downloads)
SolarTracker user manual.pdf (802 downloads) (994 downloads)


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